7 Ways to Stay Productive When You Work

Sometimes there may too much work to handle at a time that one gets perplexed on what to do and how to go about getting it done. You might even be unlucky to have some unexpected interruption in the schedule like waking up to your child running a 103-degree fever. During whatever that distraction might […]

7 Ways To Bounce Back After A Mistake

Mistakes are surely inevitable. For every human being, mistakes are inescapable. While some mistakes may have little negative consequences, some might have grave consequences. Whatever the nature or degree of the consequence of the mistakes done, it is not wise for one to dwell on past mistakes and hold on to them while allowing oneself […]

4 Career Tips Women Need to Know

The world has seen enough of having men at the center stage, and a revolution has started to make sure women start getting equal opportunities as men. From the home-front, education, corporate to politics, women have continued to prove that they can perform just as well as men in any position. So, for a career-inclined […]

10 Tips On How To Be More Decisive

Every day in life, we are faced with various situations that require us to make decisions; whether it is the easier decisions like what shirt we are wearing to work, or what we are having for dinner to the hard and tough decisions we may feel reluctant to make because it feels like our world […]

5 Ways To Help Develop A Life Of Gratitude

Being grateful is a great virtue which I believe every human being ought to possess. We all have things handed to us occasionally whether we ask for them or not. And on those occasions when we don’t get our heart desires, or when we feel the universe is not being fair to us by not […]

Effective Communication Habits For Personal Development

It has long been established that the ability to express your ideas succinctly, effectively and eloquently has been the hallmark of both the elite and the successful people of every generation. Communication is very vital to people’s lives since we interact with each other daily. The process of personal development is intertwined with your ability […]

4 Steps To Planning A Successful Career

Planning your professional journey may seem a bit difficult sometimes, always having some diversion from your original idea no matter how well and how carefully you plan. This is because most times, there are so many uncertainties in your professional journey which could make you feel like dumping your plan somewhere and just flow with […]

4 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. To stop making mistakes is to stop taking action, to stop doing those things that we love. To stop living. As much as we get involved in tasks, actions, projects, and dreams, we will, in one way or the other miss out on some things. Mistakes are […]

Five Qualities Of a Healthy Relationship

In life, the only thing that seems to bring joy to us is being in a fulfilling relationship as we cannot fathom the depth of what having these kinds of relationships bring to us. As much joy as a beautiful relationship brings, a broken relationship brings so much pain that makes living unbearable for us. […]

5 Steps You Must Never Skip On Your Way To The Top

From a distance, success can look like a goal destination, a place like a sleek office, a first-class motel or an excellent mansion. And once you have gotten there, the whole thing looks sweet and perfect, right? For those who’ve already arrived at what most people consider success, it’s something more of a greater fluid […]