Five Qualities Of a Healthy Relationship

In life, the only thing that seems to bring joy to us is being in a fulfilling relationship as we cannot fathom the depth of what having these kinds of relationships bring to us. As much joy as a beautiful relationship brings, a broken relationship brings so much pain that makes living unbearable for us. Independently, we can do certain things to improve our chances of having an exciting relationship filled with joy and unconditional love. Human relationships are often guided by some basics and in this article, we discuss a few of these.

1. Understand Love
There is a significant difference between loving and liking someone. When you like someone, it’s basically how you feel about such person, but the moment you love someone, you’re automatically committed to always treating that person right and honorably at all times. Before we can truly understand what love means, it is important that we include the commitment part of love. The basis of every healthy relationship is dependent on the definition of love given above which is to always treat others right and with the utmost respect.

2. Have a serving heart
One can reasonably conclude that everything you want in life can easily be yours if you help other people get what they want. This is the concept of having a heart that is focused on helping other people. However, this does not mean that we do not have our own best interest at heart, it only indicates that among the things we do for ourselves, we strive to help other people as well and this extends beyond our family or friend circle, it includes complete strangers too.

3. Engage in honest communication
Communication they say is key in every healthy relationship. This is essential as it allows us to say what we’ve had bottled up inside over series of events and enables us to connect with others. Communication plays a crucial role in good relationships, let the other person know what you are thinking or feeling to keep building the relationship and make it stronger.

4. Be each other’s friends
Relationships become easier when we are friends without any ulterior motive or hidden agenda. No one wants to be a grumpy person, right? Being friendly tends to draw people to you, people then want to have a long-lasting relationship with you because you are fun to be around. Do you want a healthier relationship with people? Then wear your smile always like a beautiful attire, always have nice things to say to others, treat everyone around you right, and you’d be amazed at how your relationship would improve.

5. Learn to be patient
Humans are fond of not having enough time to let patience rule. Though we are not perfect, and our emotions always fail us, and in turn, we fail others. There is a saying that hurting people hurt others. Most relationships break down because one person gave up on being patient with the other. Having patience may seem like a slow solution, but irrespective of how long it takes, patience never loses. You are not perfect, are you? Same with the person you are with and the next person you will be with. Therefore, it is important that we cultivate the habit of being patient to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

There are many rewards to keeping a healthy and long-lasting relationship, and by taking the aforementioned into consideration, you can easily fuel the engine of your relationship and enjoy lots of beautiful and joyful moments filled with unconditional love.



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