7 Ways To Bounce Back After A Mistake

Mistakes are surely inevitable. For every human being, mistakes are inescapable. While some mistakes may have little negative consequences, some might have grave consequences. Whatever the nature or degree of the consequence of the mistakes done, it is not wise for one to dwell on past mistakes and hold on to them while allowing oneself to remain on one spot without any positive advancement. Some mistakes are capable of making you move twenty steps backward. Some persons have ignorantly crippled themselves and done great damages to their lives as a result of holding on to a past silly mistake.

Unfortunately, some people don’t know that the mistakes they must have done in time past are not as bad as they truly are. Hence, they suffer unjustly. But there is good news. There are individuals who have left their past mistakes behind, learned from them and are living their lives in progress and fulfillment. In this article, we will be looking at ways to bounce back stronger and better irrespective of the gravity of the mistakes done in the past.

1. Examine the cause of the mistake
In finding a solution to a problem and ensuring that it does not repeat itself, there is the indispensable need for you to know the real cause of the problem. Same applies in your bid to bounce back from a mistake, you can’t make measurable progress without knowing the cause of the initial mistake. Identify the motive and the emotional state you were before the mistake was committed. Deeply reflect on it and strive to avoid a similar repetition.

2. Re-strategize
Yes, mistakes are inevitable. And yes, they usually happen to every individual. So when they come, it isn’t a time to feel bad but rather, a time to rethink, recoup and re-strategize on the best ways to get things done. Reflect deeply and give yourself time to decide on what to do differently when similar situations arise.

3. Move on up
It is unpleasant to make mistakes, no doubt. But it is a double tragedy to be entangled in the web of the mistake without advanced progress. When mistakes come your way, don’t let them weigh you down to the ground. Get up with it and keep going with a renewed positive mindset with the expectation of having a wonderful experience.

4. Kill Your emotions
Don’t ever be moved with emotions in determining the next line of action to take when you make mistakes. Emotions make challenges and mistakes to be mightier in our eyes than they are. Rather than wasting time analyzing the mistake done, think of what positive action you can do to counter the effects of the mistakes.

5. Learn from the mistake
Have a student mentality. Learn from the mistake. The fact that you made an initial mistake does not always mean you will continue making that same mistake. Look for a learning outcome even in the mistake that you have made. It might be difficult but not impossible to turn a bad situation from a mistake into a learning experience. As Henry Ford once said, “failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.

6. Own up to your mistake
Get things rightly done. If it involves you owning up and contacting the person affected by your mistake, do that. Man-up or woman-up (as the case may be) and be ready to take responsibility for your actions as a result of the mistake.

7. Avoid a recurrence
As much as possible, close the door to the occurrence of such mistakes. Making mistakes the first time opens you up to learning. If you allow the same mistake to repeat itself, it becomes very disastrous. Strive to ensure such a mistake does not repeat itself.

Things will not always go as planned, mistakes are bound to happen, errors will be recorded but what we do after these mistakes will ultimately determine whether we sink or swim, whether we lie plastered on the sidewalk of life or whether we bounce back to take another shot at life because that is just one more difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.


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