7 Techniques To Improve Your Time Management

When asked, almost if not every successful man and woman will tell you that time is their greatest resource and that one important factor of their success is how well they are able to manage their time – how they spend their time, with whom they spend their time and how much value they are able to extract from the time they spend with people and the time they spend doing things.

However, there are still people with the idea and belief that money is the most important resource available to them. But this is apparently a misconception bordered on delusion seeing that time is and will always remain the most important and most valuable resource they can ever have. It is a free asset given equally to every living human each day irrespective of race, creed, color or gender.

You can acquire money through various means and avenues, but you can’t buy more or borrow more time because it is a limited resource that expires every day. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. Even so, there are a clear majority of people who are still in the struggle of properly utilizing this asset called time. Time management is the ability to wisely and profitably utilize this scarce commodity both for oneself and the benefit of others.

It’s so unfortunate that we are in a world filled with diversities of distractions. There is currently no limit to the degree of distractions one must contend with daily. Hence, it becomes very easy for people to waste away precious time on engagements that do not have any meaningful dividends. If you are faced with the challenge of properly managing your time to your best advantage, I have got good news for you – you have all it takes to take mastery of your time and live a life of fulfillment. In this article, there are seven time-tested and trusted techniques that will make you get much value from every of your time investment. With these techniques, you are sure to be on your way to taking full control of your precious time and achieving much with little.

1. Have a mental picture of your daily goals.
Goals have a way of instigating actions in humans. It is very important that you have a mental picture of your goals daily. This, you should do every morning when you wake up. Wake up with the decision of the various targets to be achieved each day at specific time and location. Your visualization of the tasks to be achieved each day will give direction to the activities to engage in, thereby causing effectiveness in the use of your time. Also, take a mental picture of the completed tasks and enjoy the sense of fulfillment which helps to renew your motivation.

2. Avoid Procrastination
Procrastination is a thief of time. When you are constantly caught in the web of putting off tasks to be done later, you are engaging yourself in self-defeat as there is a tendency that you might never get that task accomplished. Always determine to complete tasks as they come your way without shifting to a later time or later dates.

3. Have deadlines
You should have a set time for the completion of each task daily. Determine the exact time a task is to be fully executed so that you will not be overwhelmed with a seemingly small task, thereby causing you to misappropriate your time. Deadlines will help motivate you in executing a task and drastically eradicate procrastination.

4. Create a to-do list
When you have a series of tasks to be completed each day, it is good you have a list of all what you must do. Having this list gives you a roadmap that tells you where you are and where you need to go as well as determining how well you have gone with a series of tasks and what is left.

5. Learn to schedule
Trying to accomplish many tasks at the same time has been proven to result in lesser productivity. Hence, it is advisable you fully focus on finishing a task before moving to the next. This will help in increasing your productivity and efficiency.

6. Relax yourself
Wisdom demands that you know when to ease yourself off rigorous work and take necessary rest. Have some periods of breaks. This relaxation is very good for you as it even helps to keep you going on the tasks and being more productive.

7. Appreciate your success
When a set task is completed, take time to appreciate your efforts by rewarding yourself. This reward does not have to be elaborate to the extent of throwing parties. A little-chilled can of drink can go a long way in self-motivation for bigger tasks. This usually has bigger effects on you in pursuing loftier heights.



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