5 Steps You Must Never Skip On Your Way To The Top

From a distance, success can look like a goal destination, a place like a sleek office, a first-class motel or an excellent mansion. And once you have gotten there, the whole thing looks sweet and perfect, right?

For those who’ve already arrived at what most people consider success, it’s something more of a greater fluid and ephemeral. You can have all the records of achievement, and nonetheless, still not genuinely experience it inside—you get the mansion or the comfy office and later discover it’s not all that you were looking forward to. It is also very possible to sense and taste achievement for a moment, after some time, in a twinkle of an eye it’s gone once more.

It is worthy to note that success is a journey and not a destination. As such, you continually strive to be successful in all that you do. Success involves a process of continual passion, openness and gratitude for life and people that make it worthwhile for you to feel it both inside and outside. True success and achievement in life involve a sense of service and other ingredients. Here in this article, I will be enlightening you on five indispensable steps on your way to success. You can’t miss out on these five steps on your journey to success or even when you eventually get there. What are they?

1. Discover your passion and tap fully into it.
You can’t get to the top without knowing who you are and what you are cut out to do. Discovering your passion early enough is a key to living a life of success. Know what you enjoy doing most. What do you find most pleasurable and fulfilling to you that you can do at all times even if you are not paid to do it? Knowing your passion will take some deliberate efforts. You can do this by going on a quest of self-discovery or vision search. Look internally and let your mind inspire your passion for you. You can also seek the advice of expert counselors and consultants. It’s one thing to find your passion and another to keep at it. When you have truly discovered your passion, stick to it fully. Keep practicing it and growing in it.

2. Commit yourself to the service of mankind
It surely pays to serve. Serving others is one of the most important steps on your journey to success. You will surely have to serve individuals – be it your customers, family members, fans, friends, or even employees. When you do this, you find peace within yourself and a deeper measure of fulfillment in life, the type that leads to real significance in life. Success is truly all about service.

3. Take adequate care of yourself
A healthy mind with a healthy body brings about a balance. Health, undoubtedly, is wealth. In your pursuit of success, ensure you strike a balance with your health. Don’t let the state of your health go down the drain. Eat and exercise regularly. Take the right rest when necessary to renew your zeal to continue in the journey of success.

4. Keep faith alive
Everyone that has gotten to the top in their lives had to face challenges at one time or the other. Challenges are sure objects to see on your way to success. But you must never allow yourself to be discouraged. Keep moving despite the setbacks and oppositions. Never give up until your aspirations are realized.

5. Celebrate your success.
Yes! When you record a little success, celebrate it. Not in a conceited or vain way but in a healthy, happy and grateful way that says, “I’m ready for the next”. This will help in building your motivation and self-confidence in achieving more and bigger target goals. When you celebrate your success, and you share the results with others, you are planting the seed for optimism and even bigger future celebrations.



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