4 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. To stop making mistakes is to stop taking action, to stop doing those things that we love. To stop living. As much as we get involved in tasks, actions, projects, and dreams, we will, in one way or the other miss out on some things. Mistakes are part of the process of achieving anything worthwhile. No one will ever grow out of mistakes. No one should. So, don’t see mistakes as disappointment or failure. Rather, see it as success in the making, a path to success.

However, it is striking to note that some mistakes can be avoided. Wouldn’t it be nice if you know you are going to get things messed up in the process of achieving a goal and you do all within your means to avoid it? What a great sigh of relief that will bring to you. Yes, that’s only possible in your bid to avoiding mistakes.

So, friends, I am glad to tell you that most of our mistakes are avoidable. If extra care was put in place, an extra ounce of effort, a few extra seconds to verify, who knows maybe the result would have turned out fantastic? With foresight, hindsight, extra carefulness, thoughtfulness, consulting and even doing tasks well, you can end up avoiding mistakes and achieving all that you set out to achieve.
In this piece, I will be highlighting four costly mistakes you can easily avoid and save yourself some unpleasant situations.

1. Spending very little time with the right set of persons.
Associations are powerful. The kind of association you have will either make or mar you. While some associations are profitable, some are rather detrimental to the advancement of one’s life and future ambitions. While it is commendable not to relate with the wrong kind of persons, much quality time should be devoted in profitable engagements with the right set of individuals that will motivate you to reach your peak. Spend more time with persons that inspire you to be and get the best and equally desist from friendships with negative minded persons that will not profit you.

2. Not declaring what needs to be declared.
Declarations have latent power. You become unconsciously and gradually what you say about yourself. Be courageous enough when opportunities come to say what you need to say even when your audience will oppose you. Tap fully into the voice in your inner self and begin speaking what you want for yourself. Let your voice reflect your passion, values, feelings, aspirations, and desires.

3. Not taking the right actions on worthy goals.
Nothing kills dreams like inaction. In your bid to living a fulfilled life, a costly mistake you must avoid is inaction. Not taking the right actions at the right time in the right direction will have negative consequences for you that you will have to live with now and in the future. Have you heard this statement “had I know?” It is an obvious statement of regrets that mostly emanate from individuals who failed to maximize opportunities that came their way, as a result of inaction and procrastination. Never allow inaction and procrastination rob you of your glorious future. Have a list of tasks to achieve per time and strive earnestly towards achieving your goals.

4. Allowing others to govern your future.
Every man is ordained a captain of his life. As a pilot of your life, you dictate the direction. Don’t fall into the deceit that your future lies in the hands of individuals – your parents, your husband, wife, friends, relatives or even the government. Do not go in the ways of others. Have an agenda for your life and work towards a life of fulfillment. There is no greater regret than living to please others or allowing someone else to control your future. If you do, you’ve succeeded in selling your destiny. Desist from that mistake today.



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