10 Tips On How To Be More Decisive

Every day in life, we are faced with various situations that require us to make decisions; whether it is the easier decisions like what shirt we are wearing to work, or what we are having for dinner to the hard and tough decisions we may feel reluctant to make because it feels like our world is about to end. If you are faced with this difficulty and need to find ways to be more decisive, then you are in the right place. Below are ten tips put together for you to help groom you into becoming more decisive irrespective of whatever situation you are faced with.

1. Escape the status quo
Sometimes, when we fail to decide, that is also a decision. The major things that often holds us back from making decisions are usually lack of detailed information or fear. All you need to do is decide to escape the status quo and just move forward. Making a decision assures you a 50% chance of success already whereas making no decision means a 100% chance of failure. Which would you rather have?

2. At times, good is just as perfect
You miss the time element when you pursue perfection, at times all you need to do is just tell yourself that where you are, is good enough for the time being irrespective of how far it may be from being perfect. Remember, good is the foundation on which great is built. So, no matter the situation you are faced with, any decision is better than no decision.

3. Set long-term goals
Take some time out of your schedule and figure out what your long-term goals are, this is because setting long-term goals make it easier for you to make preemptive decisions. This will help you learn whether your decisions are taking you towards the right direction or towards important lessons that you need to learn to achieve your goal.

4. Always take your time
Whenever you are faced with a situation, and you need to make a decision, you should always take your time. This does not necessarily mean that you should procrastinate forever, but to ensure that the pressure does not push you to make uninformed decisions that could be catastrophic because a wrong decision is as dangerous as not making a decision.

5. Figure out why, what, as well as how
Decision making becomes easier when you are well informed, have a clear understanding of what you intend to achieve, why you want to achieve it as well as how you intend to achieve it. Your aim, your strategy as well as your measure will serve as guidance for you to make better decisions easily.

6. Map out why you are hesitating
You need to ask yourself; why am I hesitating? Is it fear or anxiety? The moment you can answer these questions, decision making gets better. Take it slow, slowly let go of the fear and execute without taking too much time to overthink.

7. Stop pursuing perfection
Decision making has to do with making choices, checking for feedback and learning as quickly as possible. You must acknowledge the fact that a perfect plan or decision does not exist. However, you can make educated choices then you can easily adapt, modify and overcome the process.

8. Break down the decisions into smaller pieces
To make the decision-making process easier and faster for you, try to break down the big decisions into smaller decisions to enable you to test, evaluate and modify where necessary.

9. Evaluate the best and worst outcome
It is possible for your decision to generate a good outcome or a bad one, the best thing you can do is to evaluate both expected outcome and prepare yourself.

10. Get rid of small decisions
Eliminate smaller decisions so that you can be able to focus on big decisions. Avoid wasting reasonable time on making decisions over small matters with very little or no impact on your success.

Decision making may seem like a big deal which it is, but when you use the tips provided in this article, it gets easier, and you become more decisive than you ever thought you could be.



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